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Community leader - President


supporting our youth - Leader

Provincial Level - Director

Moving Forward Together

Clinton knows the value of being connected and included. That's why he's running for this position. Help Clinton help you shape our future together.

Serving The Community

Clinton has been working with our community for over twenty years, working tirelessly to make it a better place for families, youth and seniors.

Get Involved

"It is time to restore the role of community in our city government.” Clinton Cowan

Clinton needs your help to win this election. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

Alta Vista - On The Move (Platform Plank 1 of 8)

Fix the roads!

Fix our roads! Fix our sidewalks! Fix the sewers! 

Clinton has heard you loud and clear. Yes it's time for Alta Vista's fair share of infrastructure repair. Our "To Do List" is growing fast with the rising number of potholes, twisted ankles and basement floodings, we need action. Clinton will strongly advocate two-fold to speed up the repairs we need to upgrade our neighbourhoods and champion lowering the cost of road resufacing and reducing potholes with a new made in Ottawa technology.

Better Connections and Safer Travels

The two proven ways to reduce speeding and improve safety on our roads is enforcement and by changing the road design to narrow lanes. Adding 40 kms of on-street bike lanes and paths in Alta Vista is a cost-effective way to serve both goals while improving the East-West connections in our neighbourhood's cycling network. Clinton is committed to promoting healthy and active transportation in Alta Vista for ages and abilities.    

Affordable and Reliable Transit

Clinton's innovative plan to reduce north-south cut-through traffic in less than 18 months will bring much needed traffic relief to Haig, Featherston,  Saunderson and Alta Vista Drive with the creation of a new Park and Ride on Conroy Road with direct bus service along Heron Road all the way to the current north-south LRT Trillium Line. 

Better connections = Less Traffic.

Ottawa's transit fares are among the highest in North America. Clinton along with a coalition of partners across the city, collectively advocated for the successful creation of the "EquiPass" for lower income residents. Clinton will fight for freezing fares and keeping buses on-time.

Consultation that Counts (Plank 2 of 8)

Consultation House

Sometimes life happens and you can't make a public consultation meeting in our neighborhood on issues that could enhance or disrupt our lives but should your voice be left on the shelf?

Clinton will open an Ottawa first, Consultation House, a real world accessible and inclusive space where residents can engage learn and contribute to the changes that are happening in our community be they traffic, parks,or development in our neighbourhood.  Consultation house will serve as our home base for citizen learning and engagement and bring together Community Partners such as Public Health, By-law and Ottawa Police Services as well.

Making All Voices Count

Democratize the budget!

 Prior to the launch of this campaign, Clinton canvassed hundreds of residents from across eight wards in our city and the overarching concern was the Mayor and the city manager have too much control over the design of the city budget.

 Clinton is committed to restoring a collaborative approach to designing the city budget that involves all councillors, to create a city budget that is responsive to the needs of our citizens.


Live Streaming & Telephone Townhalls

Removing barriers for participation is important when building resilient communities, Clinton will commit to using telephone town halls and live web streaming of community meetings to ensure more residents than ever can participate and shape our community.

Safer Roads for All (Plank 3 of 8)

Reduce Collisions

Clinton fully supports using every tool available le to promote road safety. As president of the Alta Vista Community Association he was proud of the association’s solidarity in support of returning photo radar to our streets. However,  Clinton believes that we should not be tiptoeing into the implementation of photo radar solely in school zones but to use it for all areas within the definition community safety zones, (parks, hospitals, churches, community centres and collision prone intersections) and will advocate to use the existing rules to doubles fines for speeders in these zones and will also introduce a cutting edge, Ontario first tool for intersection safety. 

Lower Speeds in Residential Areas

One of the top request of Ottawa Police Services and City Hall is to reduce speed limit on residential streets Clinton fully supports the implementation of Gateway Signage  as he has been an advocate for this tool for several years.

 The current funding model for Gateway Signage has stated it will take 31 years to provide this tool for all communities in Ottawa. Clinton is committed to enhancing the funding so communities that wish to have this tool can gain access to it sooner.

Increase Traffic Calming

Alta Vista Ward is quickly becoming part of Ottawa' s urban fabric with more cars, cyclists and pedestrians on our streets everyday. Changing driver behaviour means changing the design of our roadways to get to the goals of Vision Zero no deaths on our roads. The shortest way and most cost effective approach to achieve this goal is through the use of temporary materials like Flexstakes, bollards on-street planters and new innovative tools.

Clinton supports increasing the annual $40,000 fund to provide more tools, evidence-based approaches with community consultation to support safer streets.

Active Alta Vista (Plank 4 of 8)

A New Community Center

Alta Vista area is growing fast and more families are choosing to move to Alta Vista every year. The time has come for us to build our next Community Center and with a record amount of development happening in our area now is the time to act before the space we need is gone forever. Clinton commits to working with his Capital Ward colleague to co-design with our community our next Community Center located near Bank Street to serve fast growing areas of Alta Vista and Heron Park as identified in the Bank Street Community  Plan.

The Riverview Park Hub

Riverview Park's Balena Park Fieldhouse needs to be updated to support programming year-round. Clinton commits to working with the community partners to update the existing plans to create additional space for sustainable community-led programming.

Collaboratively Update Our Parks for All Ages

The recent upgrades to Alta Vista Park in the rejuvenation of Applewood Park are shining examples of community lead collaborative park design that reflects the unique needs of each neighbourhood. Clinton was involved in both of these projects and worked with the community he successfully secured $7,500.00 funding grant for additional playground equipment at Alta Vista Park to support the local fundraising campaign. 

In the next term of council many parks will require updating and Clinton commits to using a community-led collaborative approach to ensure elements for all ages, including benches, accessible picnic tables and community notice boards are included in our parks.

Alta Vista Cross Country Ski Trail

Alta Vista is home to amazing greenspaces and sportsfields enjoyed by many throughout the warmer months however in the winter they remain idle.

To create additional winter outdoor recreation opportunities, Clinton commits to opening the Alta Vista Cross Country Ski Trail Network connecting our parks and greenspaces

The first phase will include 2 km groomed trail suitable for cross country skiing and snowshoeing, linking the Orlando Park Sports Fields, Orlando Park and Heron Corridor Greenspace, northward to Kilborn Avenue.

Through innovative partnerships, future phases of the trail network can link to Grasshopper Hill and Lynda Lane Parks, connecting to the Kilborn Allotment Gardens.

A city for all (Plank 5 of 8)

More Affordable Housing & Repair Existing Units

Clinton knows firsthand how transformative access to affordable housing is, as a young child he and his five younger siblings lived with their single mother in one of Ottawa’s west-end housing projects before making his way to Alta Vista.

Clinton of work to boost the supply of affordable housing in our city by supporting the implementation of an inclusionary zoning by-law that will create more affordable housing spaces and family sized units in new mega developments as well as a replacement housing by-law to ensure the affordable housing we do have is not taken away and replaced by expensive units. 

Clinton fully supports the Housing First approach, having recently advocated for all municipalities in Ontario adopt the Housing First model through his provincial level work with the Alliance for Healthier Communities.    

Clinton will also look for our fair share of the federal government's commitment to invest in affordable housing and the province’s Home For Good program of temporary housing supports.

Age-Friendly City

Ottawa’s population is aging, now 25% of residents are over the age of 55 and it Is projected in 2021, 35% of residents will be over the age of 55. Only 3 years from now! We must continue to make progress on Ottawa’s Older Adult Plan to ensure residents of all ages and abilities can remain successful and active in our city.

  • Focus on keeping taxes as low as possible and predictable.
  • Improving our sidewalks and regrading intersections and bus stops to remove barriers for mobility assist devices
  • Ensure adequate funding for the “snow go assist” program to assist low-income seniors with snow clearing and upgrade snowplows with a new blade attachment to reduce the snow wall humps at the end of driveways, around bus stops and intersections.
  • Add more benches in parks under shade trees.
  • Promote greater intersectionality between seniors and youth to reduce social isolation.
  • Support innovative partnerships to create more affordable older adult homes, like the 42 new units with integrated health and social supports created by the Carlington Community Health Hub Joint Partnership.

More Youth Programs & Child Care Spaces

Improving access to sports programs in youth activities and homework clubs in our community is essential for your children to lead healthy positive lives. Occasionally, great local programming is put at risk due to the increasing cost of user fees at City facilities, leading to lower registered participants risking classes or sports to be cancelled as often the case at the Heron Road Community Center.

Clinton commits to promoting these programs and create new funding partnerships to lower the cost of youth programs in our community.

Kickstart More Youth Programs

Clinton provided guidance to support the successful launching of the first season of Grasshopper Kids Run Club in Alta Vista to help provide low-cost opportunity for children to enjoy running outside and games in a non competitive environment.

Child Care Spaces

As a parent with 3 young children Clinton understands securing a child care spot can be one of the most stressful times for young family. That's why he is committed to reducing the Ottawa’s child care waiting list to help families find the right childcare in English or French in the most convenient location.

Fairness at City Hall (Plank 6 of 8)

Real certainty in planning

The oldest joke at City Hall is it’s worst joke, “The only certainty and planning is uncertainty. We are not amused.

Alta Vista Ward, in the next few years will see several mega projects start, from Elmvale Shopping Center, Heron Gate, the Federal Study Center, Trainyards, Playfair Towers and several of our churches may start redevelopment or possibly be sold.  The recent approval of the 65 Story Tower in 30 story zone shows yet again, secondary plans are not worth the paper they’re written.

To respond to this rush of developments, Clinton will take bold steps to use the hammer of the planning department tools, implementing an interim control bylaw to freeze R4 and R5 projects in Alta Vista Ward for one year to provide adequate time for the community and developers to collaborate on creating affordable housing, environmentally sustainable buildings and that respect surrounding neighbourhoods, a blueprint for our next official plan update.

Defending community plans

Clinton’s leadership and years of experience defending Secondary Plans across Ottawa, stopped the developers interests when attempts were made in 2015 to dismantle our Alta Vista/Faircrest Riverview Secondary Plan which provides the certainty homeowners enjoy in Alta Vista.

To provide further certainty on planning manners in our neighborhood Clinton commits to lifting delegated authority on development applications over four stories and will seek the end of Omnibus bills City Hall often seen by many as a method to conceal zoning bylaw changes amongst other amendments.

No tax shocks

Clinton is no fan of taxation without representation as evidenced by the numerous newspaper that reported him requesting the holding ward wide to determine support for the current tax levy, aka the CloutierTax.

Clinton commits to protecting residents from surprise tax shocks, no new levies, no new taxes like the RainTax. 

Clinton is a strong steward of the public purse, having passed six balanced budgets in a row

 at the South East Ottawa Community Health Center’s now 26 million dollar budget.

Clinton is known for his fiscal discipline, having championed in 2010 the “new money approach” for budget making at City Hall which is now the model of creating balance budgets.

Community safety (Plank 7 of 8)

Supporting Crime Prevention and Community-Policing

Relationships and resources and are two important factors in improving community safety. Clinton has been involved in the strategic planning consultations with Ottawa Police Services Board and has hosted community meetings with crime prevention staff in Alta Vista, and it is clear that we must invest in the return of more community police officers and support the work of Crime Prevention Ottawa. 

To support relationship building to proactively address emerging issues Clinton will establish the Alta Vista Community Safety Roundtable, co-chaired by our community police officers and a community governed organization from our ward (on a rotational basis) open to all local residents and community groups such as community associations, school councils, faith groups or tenant coalitions and public health and by-laws officers.

More resources for Ottawa Police Services

Alta Vista remains one of the safest parts of our city however statistics don’t tell the whole story as many are deeply concerned about the gun related crimes happening in our city and impact cannabis may have on affect our roads.  Years of cutbacks  deteriorated OPS through the Service Initiative have revealed financial sustainability issues, it is clear we must provide the adequate resources for Ottawa Police Services to conduct long-term investigations and for traffic enforcement. Recruit more officers reflective of Ottawa's diversity and help address the mental health issues related to the overuse of overtime. Health and safety go hand in hand.

Clinton will encourage action on Ottawa Police Services Board's diversity audit and multi-year action plan for bias-neutral policing.

Engaged youth and Community Safety Audits

In creating opportunities for youth engagement it is making space for youth to express themselves, voice their ideas, provide input for programs or projects it is essential for youth to be truly heard.

Clinton will host an annual youth Summit and a young adult summit, to support youth led initiatives and help local organizations improve youth programming in our community. 

Clinton will implement the Alta Vista Ward Junior City Councillor Summer Program, available to local high school students.

Evidence has shown that crime prevention through environmental design audits (CPTED), including improved lighting,park and streetscape design can deter crime and fear of crime in problematic areas, improving the quality of life.

Clinton will support conducting these community safety audits with residents in identified areas of concern.

bringing Alta Vista together - Our sustainable community

Celebrating Our Community. Supporting Our Local Businesses. Growing Together.

Clinton served as the Producer of the last three editions of the Awesome Alta Vista Weekend including Alta Vista Community Garage Sale and Alta vista’s Annual Community Picnic and has hosted movie nights in our parks too!  Clinton to knows firsthand how important our community events are to our well-being, reducing social isolation, fostering a welcoming and inviting community for all. He is committed to supporting the Riverview Park Corn Roast and the Canterbury Community Centre’s Holiday Breakfast and our winter carnivals. 

Shop Local

The Alta Vista area is home to many unique businesses and is a hotbed for home-based businesses and services. Clinton will work with partners to create a Home-Based Business and Services Expo to highlight and support the sustainability of our local economy.

Banning single-use plastics

Great Pacific Garbage Patch, microplastics in the Great Lakes are striking reminders we need to take action on excessive plastic consumption. Clinton will advocate for Ottawa to ban single-use plastics. Clinton supports issuing complimentary paper bag liners for the green bin countertop containers  at community centers and libraries.  Green bin should be in all multi residential units by 2020 to increase Ottawa low waste diversion rates.

Ottawa’s Green Revolution plan requires adequate funding staff and political will to prioritize the work and Clinton will also work to ensure our next Official Plan update in 2019 includes the highest LEED standards a commitment to adopt passive home designs to reduce energy costs and promote sustainable building practices as demonstrated by Salus House in Heron Park.

Plant 10,000 trees and protect our greenspaces

Our ward’s distinctive tree canopy has been damaged by extreme weather and the emerald ash borer. During the past 5 years, Clinton has co-led community groups to plant nearly 1,000 trees with  Scouts Canada in Pleasant Park and Kilborn Woods and at the Orlando Park Sports Fields with Ecology Ottawa. In 2017 Clinton had the honour of turning the soil for the Canada 150 Maple Grove along Riverside Drive and in 2014 he helped plant the first ceremonial burr oak in Champlain Park to kickoff Tree Canada’s 1 million tree initiative. Clinton is committed to planting 10,000 more trees over the next term of council to restore our community's natural beauty and support our green stormwater infrastructure.

Alta Vista is home to over half-a-dozen volunteer environmental minded organizations, earlier this year as President of the Alta Vista Community Association, Clinton recognized this and established the Alta Vista Greenspace and Parks Committee as a place for these organizations in local residents to collaborate on initiatives, serve goals of local environmental stewardship in our parks and greenspaces. Clinton is committed to using every mechanism at all 3 levels of government to protect Alta Vista's greenspaces from development, secured for generations to come. 

Why Clinton, Why Now

Inclusive Leadership & Proven Community Builder

Standing solidly on a record of refusing to accept developer or lobbyist based campaign contributions, backed by his audited campaign records, reinforces Cowan's "no-strings-attached" approach to community advocacy and remains a fully engaged voice in all matters related to our community. No gimmicks or conflicts or uncertainty. A record of integrity, putting our community first.

Cowan, 42, married, a father of three and long-time resident of the ward, with deep grassroots knowledge of our  community, the Canterbury High grad has spent more than two decades engaged with area constituents serving as the elected President of the South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre (serving six years on the board), and now as President the Alta Vista Community Association. Cowan is also former vice-president of the Lowertown Community Association and has served on Ottawa's Byward Market Safety and Security Committee. An experienced negotiator and Labour Relations expert, negotiating win-win agreements with Fortune 500 companies, Cowan is currently a Director with the Alliance for Healthier Communities, Ontario's voice for comprehensive Primary Health Care.

“We need a council to walk the walk when it comes to understanding its role as the body that is working with Ottawa residents to create an Ottawa that reflects the wishes, goals and dreams of its residents,” says Cowan.

“The recent approval of Ottawa's first 65-storey building, that all but ignored the community input, has shaken our city's confidence in our council to respect us, the constituent,” says Cowan. 

“With huge decisions facing our city in the next term, like updating our Official Plan, Ottawa Police Services new Strategic Plan, the affordability of adequate housing, and the long overdue energy strategy, having the community voice return to centre of the discussions will be critical for the success and sustainability of our city,” 

He says.

“And with the fate of the Heron Gate and its Secondary Plan at stake and the pending transfer of the Federal Study Centre to the Canada Lands Corporation, Alta Vista’s future is uncertain and needs experienced inclusive community leadership on  council."

Clinton Facts: 

First ever concert he attended was The Michael Jackson Victory Tour. 

His most recent one...The Wiggles.


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